Jonathan Malory

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Jonathan Malory Returns

Jonathan Malory (born in York, North Yorkshire) writer, aviator, master of kung fu and tai chi, adventurer, spiritual leader and discoverer of The Way.

Jonathan Malory is the first human being to adopt The Way, a belief system that boldly adheres to the truth of being unable to know the truth, where the only real constant in human awareness is that we do not know why we're here. During talks in Los Angeles and Washington DC, he highlighted the worth of accepting that we may never have an answer to life and that having any strong belief contrary to this is nothing short of ludicrous. He has often been mistaken for an Atheist, but at a conference on the plausibility of orchestrating the path of electrons between the moons of Jupiter in Berlin (2006), he was overheard berating Atheism as yet another flawed belief system, blinkered by ignorance and a closed mind.

Jonathan Malory, son of a Ukrainian cosmonaut, grew up amidst the caves of North Yorkshire, England, near to a remote electronic listening post where he was taught the martial arts of kung fu and tai chi until the age of 24.

He attended the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, and also spent a year at the University of Kent in Canterbury. He studied three dimensional art and art history, graduating top of his year, then attended Jesus College Cambridge, graduating in history and English literature. "I like history more than anything. I think that may be why I make fun of belief systems like Atheism and Christianity."

Jonathan Malory is perhaps best known amongst those close to him as an explorer-adventurer, especially between the years 2002 and 2004 when he faithfully recreated the journey of Captain Nemo from the Jules Gabriel Verne novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea. During the two and a half year voyage, Jonathan Malory and his crew of twelve navigated the estimated course of Captain Nemo twice, travelling in excess of fifty thousand leagues beneath the oceans waves. It was on this epic voyage that Jonathan Malory is said to have made love to ten thousand Polynesian women. No one knows the current whereabouts of Nautilus II.

Moon Walk

In 2007, Jonathan Malory was the first person, and only person to date, to walk completely around the Moon. The epic journey took four months, three weeks and two days. Jonathan undertook the monumental circumnavigation in a specially designed suit with plug-in food modules that were dropped from orbiting supply craft and discarded on the surface when empty. "My discarded food, drink and waste modules will serve as evidence of my tremendous feat alongside my footprints,"

Contraterrean Energy and EMP Shields

Jonathan Malory is said to have invented, or discovered, the existence of what he calls Contraterrean Energy - a kind of semi-sentient energy source that is abundant in the universe and all around us and is most useful for powering perpetual motion devices like the Nautilus II.

Jonathan Malory is also said to have invented an EMP shield that renders all kinetic weapons, including nuclear warheads, obsolete and impotent. So far this technology has only been implemented on the Nautilus II and Jonathan says he has no immediate plans to share the technology with anyone else.